Laser Dentistry in New Castle, IN

Parkview Family Dentistry is dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional dental care. Our premier laser dentistry services provide numerous benefits, enhancing the comfort and efficiency of dental treatments by offering advanced laser dentistry for procedures involving both hard and soft tissues in the mouth.

dental laser used for services at Parkview Family DentistryDr. Rusch and Dr. Rich utilize advanced laser technology for various applications, including cavity preparations, gum procedures, intricate oral surgeries, and more – all with minimal discomfort and minimal anesthesia required.

Laser Dentistry

Our laser dentistry approach significantly improves post-treatment comfort and healing compared to traditional methods. Key laser dentistry services may include:

Laser dentistry can provide a more comfortable experience for many patients, including the following benefits:

  • Reduced bleeding
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Quicker appointments
  • Minimal need for a local anesthetic – no injections!
  • Multi-phase treatment in a single session
  • Fewer specialty referrals required

DIAGNOdent Laser

DIAGNOdent diagram showing how it can detect decay in a toothThe DIAGNOdent is an innovative dental tool that employs laser technology to detect tooth decay with incredible precision. It excels at identifying incipient cavities in areas challenging to diagnose through visual inspection or x-rays alone. This simple, painless, and effective device enables early detection and minimally invasive treatment to halt decay beneath the surface.

Experience Laser Dentistry in New Castle

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